Beauty Without Cruelty believes that…

  ... Humans have no right, whatever the end,
to exploit or kill creatures (big and small) in the name of
food, science, service, exhibition,
fashion, religion, entertainment,
or for any other reason:

reverence for all life – no killing, exploiting, abusing,
harming, using, adorning, or eating any creature –
must be considered fundamentally right.

... Non-violence begins at breakfast:
killing or raising animals for food -
the single greatest cause of
animal death and suffering -
must stop.

... Use of animals for research, experimentation,
and testing must be abolished:

scientific knowledge and progress
can and must be achieved
without suffering and sacrifice of animal life.

... All entertainment, like in circuses,
should be without animal acts:

no creature performs without having been subjected to
fear, hunger, and torture.

... Wild animals belong to the wild:
that's where they should live,
totally unhindered by humans.
Zoos are animal-jails and the wrong medium
for education, conservation, or research.

... There is no such thing as a 'by-product'
of cruelty or killing
all are direct animal products (e.g. leather)
that economically contribute towards
animal suffering and slaughter.