Ulundhu (Black Gram Balls)

(10 balls )


1½ glass black gram
4 tablespoons raw rice
1½ glass palm jaggery
1 glass water
¼ glass gingelly (sesame) oil


Dry roast black gram and rice in a kadai till rice turns light golden brown. Let it cool, then grind it to a powder.

Melt palm jaggery with 1 glass water on low flame.
Strain if palm jaggery is muddy. On low flame boil the palm jaggery to a syrup.

When it starts to boil, gradually add the powdered mixture, stirring all the while to make sure there are no lumps.

Begin adding the gingelly oil gradually, stirring all the while.

Continue to stir till the mixture begins to leave sides of the pan.

Allow to cool and make medium sized balls.

Serve with gingelly oil. Garnish with nuts.