Achievements 2021-2030

To date, every year since its inception, BWC has achieved some thing! To see ALL our Achievements please click here.


With specific goals in mind Beauty Without Cruelty has sincerely carried out its work, however kept a low profile. Most tasks undertaken have been difficult, often seemed impossible to achieve, but frustration has never made the organization give up even when implementation was stalled. Sticking to the facts, a persistent follow-up and constantly looking for new ways to achieve its aims has led BWC to success in many instances.


Our Achievements from 2021 - to date are:

The Live-stock and Live-stock Products
(Importation and Exportation) Bill, 2023, withdrawn
In response to the Government of India asking for comments on their Draft Live-stock and Live-stock Products (Importation and Exportation) Bill, 2023, BWC was probably the first to strongly object that we were “horrified to read the Bill which is totally anti-animal and encourages exploitation of all species and for all purposes” and therefore “we strongly feel that the Bill needs to be scrapped” following which the Bill was immediately withdrawn.


Thousands of Fish Saved
In response to BWC’s appeal to the Trustees of the Goud Saraswat Brahman Temple Trust, Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, and to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, asking
them to ensure that thousands of dead fish are not found floating in the Banganga Tank on the last day of Pitru Paksha again this year, no fish died in 2022 because dewatering pumps were installed for aeration purpose.


Illegal Camel Trafficking Halted

In April 2022, People for Cattle in India (whose PIL/Public Interest Litigation was supported by Beauty Without Cruelty) obtained another favourable order from the Madras High Court. The earlier order of 2016 had stopped camels from being slaughtered or sacrificed, whereas the recent final order included trafficking and reads “We dispose of it with a direction to the respondents to take all the measures to stop illegal trafficking of camel or slaughtering…” The Judges appreciated the effort of the petitioners.


Sale of Catapults Curtailed
BWC informed online sellers of slingshots/catapults/gulel and air-guns/rifles and bullets that they were weapons used for hunting and could obviously cause injury and loss of lives to both wild and domesticated animals and birds, even to humans if targeted. Soon after the Government of India was alerted that such sales were against our laws, scores of listings were brought down.


Milk of Plant Origin
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued a Press Release saying that Soybean Curd, Coconut Milk, Peanut Butter, etc. do not violate the use of dairy terminology for non-dairy or plant based products. This was subsequent to BWC pointing out that the word Milk and its derivatives were not the prerogative of the dairy industry and that it should be labelled as cow/buffalo/goat/camel/soy/almond/cashew milk and so on.


Plan Bee Saved Elephants

BWC’s appeal to install amplifying speaker systems which emit the sound of buzzing bees to keep away elephants in forest areas of every state through which trains run and thus avoid accidents was heeded by the East Central Railway and the Southern Railway.


Victorias without Horses for Joy-Rides in Mumbai

In February 2021 when it was announced that battery-operated Victorias without horses would make a come back in Mumbai, BWC’s campaign as well as the efforts of other NGOs against the use of horse-driven carriages for joy-rides resulted in a win-win situation for men and horses because the old owners and riders had eventually been satisfactorily rehabilitated and there was no chance of them asking for horses to draw the carriages again.