Puran Poli
(20 Polis)


500 grams        channa dal

2.5 litres          water

1 tablespoon    sunth/dry ginger powder

1 tablespoon    aniseed

2/3                  cardamoms

1 tablespoon    jaiphal/nutmeg powder

350 grams        jaggery

250 grams        wheat




Pressure cook the dal until soft. Drain water completely.

Cook in a thick bottomed vessel the dal with sunth, aniseed, cardamom, nutmeg and jaggery until the water evaporates completely.

Grind dal in a puran machine or in a mixer.

Knead the wheat flouir with salt and water to form a soft dough. Cover with a thin layer of oil and keep aside for an hour.

Take a little of the kneaded dough, roll it out into 4" diameter rounds, put about
4  tablespoons of the cooked puran on it, cover with the help of a little dry flour and roll our gently.

Roast both sides on a hot tava with a little oil.