Vegan Food

One need not be a vegan to eat vegan cuisine – without making a conscious effort people are regularly eating it! Vegan (pronounced vee-gn) cooking utilises no animal ingredients such as dairy, honey, varkh and shellac. Dietary vegans are usually “pure vegetarians” who consciously and consistently strive to exclude products derived from or as a result of exploitation of any creature.

Note: it is easy to vegan-ise lacto-vegetarian recipes. For example, milk can be substituted with milk derived from soy beans, almonds, cashews, rice, or oats depending on the application, ghee substituted with oil, paneer with tofu, honey with sugar or corn syrup, and so on. Some times substitutes are not healthy (e.g. margarine in place of butter) in which case it may be better for vegans to curtail or omit consumption.

Beauty Without Cruelty is happy to present some tested and tasted, healthy and delicious
vegan recipes. Enjoy!

Aam Ka Panna Kesar Chawal
Agar-Agar Chikoo Jelly Khatu Mithu Tomatu
Akki Roti Kidney Beans (Rajma)
Almond Butter Koru nu Doru
Alu Chi Patal Bhaji Kulfa Dal
Ambli Ghashi Magic Macaroni
Amrood ki Sabzi Makhana Curry
Baba Ghanoush Malaysian Indian Dalcha
Bajra Khichdi with Flaxseed Chutney Masala Bhaat
Banana Cake Methi Parathas
Beetroot Soup Methi Pulao
Besan Ladoos Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk
Bharva Bhindi Sabzi Moong Dal Dosa with Tomato Chutney
Bhindi Rice Moong Dal Ki Chaat
Brinjals in Coconut Milk Moong Dal Palak
Butter Beans Moringa Dal
Cabbage & Carrot Rice Mulligatawny Soup
Calabash Mushroom Pulao
Capsicum Flavoured Cabbage Mushroom Walnut Pate
Carrot & Cashew Pate Nadur Curry
Carrot Ginger Soup Nuggesoppu Tovve
Carrot Soup Nut/Seed Milk
Carrot Walnut Cake Oush-E-Brench
Cashew Pudding Palak-Chole
Chatpata Aanar Palak Tofu
Chhaas Panchamrut
Chickpea & Spinach Hummus Papaya Sambharo
Chickpea Salad Papita-Moongfali ki Sabzi
Chocolate Cake Pepper Mushroom Fry
Coconut Chhaas Piccalilli
Coconut Milk Punjabi Chole
Cold Cucumber Soup Puran Poli
Corn Chowder Ragi Ladoos
Corn Cutlets Rajma-Shalgam
Dates and Sesame Ladoos Raslimbu
Dhansak Raspberry Oat Squares
Di San Xian Red Cabbage with Spinach
Dudhi Kofta Red Mushroom Curry
Eggless Omelette Roah ki Kheer
Elote or Steamed Mexican corn on the cob Scrambled Tofu with Spinach and Mushrooms
Falafel Sindhi Curry
French Beans Foogath Smoothie
Gaucamole Sol Kadhi
Ghugni Soy Ras Chawal
Goan Mushroom Balchao Soy with Green Peas
Goru Chikkudu Kaya Kura Special Limbu Pani
Green Brinjal Curry Spicy Soy Kababs
Green Pea and Pistachio Spread Spinach Bhajiya
Green Peas Kachori Stuffed Karela
Grilled Tofu with Mushroom Sauce Tacos with Beans
Guava Juice Thai Fried Rice
Hummus Thai Red Curry
Imarti Tikha-Mitha Table Sauce
Jackfruit Vegetable Til Chutney
Kadhi Tilgul Ladoos
Kaju Chikki Tomato Rice
Kaju Katli Tomato Soup
Karela Vaal Dal Shakarakand
Karuveppilai Thuvayal Veg Shepherd’s Pie
Kashmiri Modhur Pulao Vegetable Paella
Kela ki Sabji Vegetables in Coconut Milk
Kenyan Githeri